How To Keep Begonias Blooming

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Getting Begonias to Bloom The best way to encourage begonias to produce more flowers is to care for them regularly. With their beautiful canopy of leaves and a wide array of colorful bloom and foliage options begonias are.

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They love humidity so keep the soil damp but not soaking.

How to keep begonias blooming. Keep begonias evenly moist neither soggy nor dried out. Indoor begonias need to sit in locations that get several hours of bright filtered sunlight. Blooming types of begonias like more sun than foliage types.

Pruning begonias in the fall or winter can result in weak and leggy growth. Even drought-tolerant annuals will bloom better if they get regular watering. By high summer that can mean watering some containers more than once a day.

Force blooming by letting young begonias mature indoors. Spring is the best time to trim them for shape and size. Cut back most of the top of the plant leaving the ball of roots and soil intact.

Following some general growing tips common to most begonias however probably will encourage your plants to bloom. Another common mistake that many people make to extend the time of the bloom is that they start pruning the begonias while it is blooming. Water begonias thoroughly when the top 12 to 1 inch of their soil feels dry.

Check your begonias often during hot dry weather. If the soil is too dry the thick leaves will show signs of shriveling rather quickly. You may need to water the plant more often in this case.

ProFlowers has some suggestions for indoor care. Deadheading the faded flowers also helps to encourage new blooms. Even though the light is dimmer indoors be careful of too much sun exposure especially if your begonias are used to growing in the shade.

Finding that happy medium can take a few trial runs. If youre using fluorescent lighting place it 6 to 12 inches above the plant and keep it on about half the day. Reiger begonias need bright indirect light year-round.

Plant your begonias in partial shade. Remove plant from pot before hard frosts occur. Providing the Right Conditions Download Article 1.

Begonias need to be watered consistently. Grow begonias in bright indirect sunlight or dappled sunlight preferably in an area with high humidity. Begonias are the perfect choice for adding big color to your flowerbeds pots and containers especially when you can keep them blooming strong from late spring to late fall.

If the plants start dropping flowers or wilting it means the soil is either too wet or too dry. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer at least once a week. Place in a dry cool storage area a basement or garage and allow the tubers to cure for several weeks.

Watch the color of the leaves the length of the stems and how well your begonias are blooming to determine if they are receiving proper care including the right amount of. If the soil is too wet the picky begonias will show their displeasure at having their roots soaking in water. Heat can leave your annuals wilting every afternoon.

If youre growing new begonias you can force them to. Moreover if you want to improve the bloom timings you need to add fertilizer to the plant at least once a week. Regular pruning is a great way to keep begonias growing and looking their best.

Water the plant whenever the soil feels dry about 1 inch below the surface. Take the following steps to save your potted tuberous begonia tubers. How to keep begonias blooming all summer long One of the best ways to encourage blooming in begonias is to follow the proper watering and conditions tips as best you can.

They are photoperiod bloomers meaning the bloom is stimulated by the number of hours of light they receive. But between waterings its best to let the top inch or two of soil get dry to the touch. To begin with keep your begonia.

By providing your begonias with the best care possible youre most likely to.

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