How To Grow Begonia Bulbs

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Begonia likes to take its time to develop. Fill them with moistened growing mix that contains about 20 compost.

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It is best to start your seedlings in January for transplanting in March or April and planting in May after the last frosts.

How to grow begonia bulbs. They usually have a burst in growth after the summer heat kicks in. Some species such as wax begonias can tolerate direct sunlight but some like tuberous begonias prefer more shade. Fill your containers with planting mix that is light loose and drains well.

Tuberous begonias prefer less heat and more shade and they work well in. Tuberous begonias are sensitive to cold and should not be put outdoors until the nights are above 50F. Typically grown as tender perennials if the corms are dug up and protected during.

Begonia tubers produce some of the most spectacular blooms of all the begonia species. Tuberous begonias grow from roots called corms or tubers but often called begonia bulbs. Their leaves can be damaged when exposed to direct sunlight.

For earlier blooms start your begonias indoors eight weeks before the last frost date. Plant the tuber and cover it with about an inch of soil. Plant the tubers into individual pots or into a seed tray hollow side up.

Plant 25cm deep and keep in a warm spot that is at least 18C. Place the begonia pot in a bright spot where it can receive morning sunlight and a bit of afternoon shade. How to Grow Tuberous Begonia Bulbs – Begonias Planting Instructions.

Choose a good quality potting soil and a spot with full sun or shade. Potting soil for container gardening works well. The bushy begonias usually grow between 12 and 18 30 45 cm tall and wide.

In general begonia plants can be placed in sunny areas with indirect light 6. Not only are tuberous Begonias easy to grow but they can exhibit an upright or trailing growth habit depending on the variety making them perfect for a wide range of displays. The begonia can be planted in a pot in a window box or in a bed among other summer flowering bulbs.

Follow these steps to starting your begonia tubers indoors Find a pot hanging basket or shallow tray that has drain holes. If you choose to start your Begonia tubers indoors use a loose well-drained soil mix that drains well. Most varieties grow best in a mild temperature range between 15C and 26C though tuberous begonias need it a little cooler to perform at their best.

Begonias are slow to get going so dont be disheartened if there arent blooms right away. Plant the tubers 1 deep in moist growing mix and water sparingly. Begonias should be planted 8-12 inches apart and just deep enough that the soil covers the top of the bulb.

Place the tray in a dark room and. Tubers can be started indoors by placing the tubers hollow side up 1 inch apart in a shallow tray with moist potting mix. The best time to plant begonias is after the chance of frost has passed.

They like humidity and warmth but cant tolerate extreme heat dryness or frost. If you dont have good natural light grow lamps can provide the necessary light for growth. Water slightly every few days or when the soil has dried out.

If your summers get too hot plant begonias where there is afternoon shade. When multiple tubers are being planted in the same container space them 3. To help Begonia tubers warm up from their winter dormancy place in a warm location about 70F with indirect sunlight preferably an east west or south facing window.

Plus they bloom in glorious shades of bright red pink coral yellow orange and everything in between to suit all color preferences. It is a hardy plant which supports well the low temperatures but not the frost. Keep soil moist at all times especially during hot summer months.

Old-fashioned wax begonias do great when planted in the shade. Plant wax begonia transplants 6 to 8 inches apart and others according to their mature size. How to grow begonias planting begonia tubers In March or April you can buy begonia tubers at the garden centre or online.

Begonias prefer bright filtered light. If you are planting begonias in pots or planters make sure the containers have a drainage hole on the bottom.

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