How To Cut Asparagus From The Garden

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Unless you plan to save the seeds its best to remove them to conserve energy. When the plants have reached harvestable age let shoots grow to 5 to 8 inches 127 to 203cm in length then snap the shoots off at the soil line by holding them firmly in your hand and bending them sharply toward the ground.

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Snap off the spears.

How to cut asparagus from the garden. After harvest fertilize your asparagus in early summer. At this point in the season gardeners growing asparagus may be wondering when to cut down those tall skinny stalks that have grown from their asparagus plants. Asparagus also needs space about 4 to 5 feet for each plant.

When to Stop Harvesting Asparagus. Asparagus is certainly a prized garden crop for a reason. Cut foliage back to ground level.

Once you know how to pick asparagus you will delight in spring asparagus harvesting in future years. Simply cut or snap off your spears from the ground level. Wait until the ferns are fully brown and dormant to.

But if you can be patient. Soak the asparagus crowns in cold water for a few minutes before planting them. Asparagus grows rapidly so you should be visiting and harvesting your bed frequently.

Enjoy the homegrown asparagus from the store-bought asparagus. For best results keep these two things in mind. Growth of asparagus foliage is an important part of the plants life cycle.

They wont spread out much the first couple of years but once established they will quickly fill in. Start cutting the spears every week. Its fairly easy to harvest your asparagus doing so come springtime when the spears appear.

In the second year harvest. Stop harvesting spears when the diameter of the spears decreases to the size of a pencil. Simply cut or snap off the spears at ground level.

They should be harvested once theyre 6-10 inches above the soil line before their flower buds open up. Remove the mulch in the spring and wait patiently for the delicious tender shoots to emerge. However gardeners wishing to try starting asparagus from seed may follow these recommendations.

When spears are 6-inches you can harvest them. Asparagus is typically planted as crowns rather than seeds. Continue harvesting for six to eight weeks but no later than July 1.

Because asparagus is a perennial youll need to pick an out of the way spot in the vegetable garden an area you can till around. If you cant wait limit yourself in the first year to cutting spears over a 10-day period. Choose an area of the garden as a nursery bed.

To harvest asparagus simply cut the spears with a sharp knife or scissors at ground level. Daily is best when the spring is warm and sunny and even in the coldest of springs. Cut stalks off at.

If you notice decreased production and vigor in your asparagus plants stop harvesting and let the plant store energy for next season. Once the asparagus has ferned out cut the foliage back in the fall and mulch heavily with compost to over winter. This is when they are most tender but they will become tough and fibrous if you allow them to get much taller.

Using a sharp knife with a serrated edge you can buy special asparagus knives cut the asparagus cleanly 2- 10cm 1-4 below the ground. Asparagus ferns mid-October. Cut or break the spears from the point closest to their attachment to the fibrous roots.

Some would advise not cuttingbelow groudn but at groudn level to avoid admaging the crown. The more your plants produce spears the more often you need to harvest. Excessive disturbance of the area can result in damage to spears which have not yet broken ground.

Not only is it incredibly crisp and delicious when fresh but it is one of the rare perennial vegetables that when cared for and picked appropriately will continue to produce bountiful harvests for years. Young asparagus plants will grow here for their first year. The site for the asparagus nursery should be level and have sandy soil.

Harvesting Asparagus – heres how. Asparagus is ready to harvest when spears are 6 to 8 inches tall. Dig a 12 to 18-inch wide and six to eight-inch deep trench in your garden beds.

Wait until foliage turns yellow or brown and the plant becomes dormant before pruning. Plant the asparagus in a raised bed in well-draining soil and mulch around the plants to conserve soil moisture and retard weeds. If you have several channels make sure each one is at least three feet apart.

Take care not to cut the crown of the plant burried beneath the spear. Its tempting to want to cut the first asparagus shoots you see and rush them to the kitchen. In the beginning harvest spears after two weeks or more.

Add two inches of soil along the center of the trench to make a ridge.

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