How To Care For Orchids When Flowers Die

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For normal life they need good lighting for half a day. Colored orchids lose their color intensity in subsequent flowering.

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One way to check for watering is by poking your finger about an inch 25 cm into the growing media.

How to care for orchids when flowers die. In many cases people are told to throw the orchid away but with some good. The most common cause of death for orchids and most houseplants is usually overwatering. Otherwise let it be.

Indoor orchid plants also need adequate humidity about fifty to seventy percent. Post-bloom orchid care shouldnt be a big of a deal. The optimum temperature for them is.

If its dry give it some water. As the plant gets rid of the pigment the color of the petals will return to their natural color. Instead of repotting its better to.

Dont take my word for it though. After flowers fall off use a sterile razor blade to cut the flower spike and discard the tool after a single use. After enjoying months of beautiful blooms it is not surprising that Phalaenopsis owners become upset and worry that their orchid is dying when flowers and buds begin to dry out turn brown and fall off the plant.

Doing so is too stressful on the plant and it will likely drop its blooms. How to care for orchids in bloom and in the growth period. When the flowers fall off your orchids the stems and roots that bore the flowers die.

But what does it take to grow and care for orchids inside your house. Give it ample amount of bright indirect light. To care for orchids indoors give them sufficient sunlight water fertilizer and humidity.

Always use sterile tools to prune orchids. Plants are extremely light-requiring. Spraying of colored orchids is carried out very carefully so as not to overmoisten the injection site.

For a comprehensive guide to growing moth orchids check out my orchid eBook Moth Orchid Mastery on amazon. Water copiously whenever the potting material is dry. You do not need to give any additional fertilizing to a blooming colored orchid.

Flowers do not tolerate both cold and heat. Instead of watering your plants on a strict schedule every other day or once a week for example pay attention to your orchids needs and how much water it uses. Certain species of orchids make great indoor plants because they are beautiful and they are low-maintenance.

They also produce lovely flowers that add bright colors to your living space. When the plants spike shrivels and turns brown and the orchids once glossy leaves dull and flatten disappointed orchid owners often assume that their orchid has. One very asked question is what to do with our orchids after the flowers all drop.

Optionally you can disinfect a cutting tool with alcohol or flame it to kill. However while your orchids current container might not be ideal never repot an orchid while it is in bloom. You can easily trim dead stems and roots on your orchid to improve its overall health.

Orchids need ample water but should be allowed to dry out some between waterings. Dont Give Up on Dying Orchids. Fertilize weakly weekly with a high-quality urea-free orchid fertilizer after watering sessions.

Cut off spent stems when the flowers have died. Gently remove your orchid from its pot and free the roots from as much old material as possible. The pseudobulb is a thickened stem at the base of each growth.

If it needs more space you can choose a bigger pot. Its no different from how you should maintain and look after your orchid plant all the time. Fill up a container with a fresh mixture that is suitable for your type of orchid and replant your flower.

Thus one primary reason why you should repot your orchids is to eliminate dead roots and create space for new growth. You can also prune an orchid to promote flowering. Also some orchids outgrow their.

Take good care of your orchid and it may continue to grow and bloom for many years to come. Orchids produce beautiful blooms but they require pruning once the flowers fall off. Orchids with wet roots are susceptible to root rot and other problems.

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