How To Care For Lavender In Pots

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Make sure you have good air flow around the plants if you have high humidity. The Best Soil for Lavender in Pots Lavender performs well in alkaline little organic matter and well-drained soil.

Lavender Plant Care It Needs A Little Bit Of Time And Expertise Lavender Plant Potted Lavender

Sprinkle the seeds on a seed tray with a light soil mix preferably fine vermiculite as it drains quickly.

How to care for lavender in pots. Another option for cold areas is to grow lavender in a pot keeping it outdoors in the summer and indoors in winter. You can place them in a border in pots and even as a hedge for a low separation. In this post I will be sharing tips on how care lavender plants outdoor.

The seeds of the Lavender plant are small and delicate. Do not water over the leaves on the cold days. Water the lavender lightly just once every 4-6 weeks over Winter if the plant is indoors so that the pot does not dry out completely for months at a time.

If you live in a climate where the. However it grows bigger and is more floriferous with regular. Lavender plant requires much less water from November to February.

Timing the major trimming of a potted lavender for when florets are beginning to open allows you to combine harvesting of the lavender flowers with pruning. It just requires a lot of suns and good drainage. It actually needs at least 6 hours of full sun everyday8 hours is even better.

Plant your lavender tree into soil that drains well. Marianne Binetti demonstrates the mid-summer pruning of Lavender plants as well as shares a resourceful way to use the harvested LavenderInterested in lear. Luckily none of this is very intensive.

However with time the soil becomes compact leading to poor drainage which will in turn bring a lot of problems later on. Caring for Potted Lavender Once established lavender is fairly drought-tolerant. First note that lavender is a wild shrub so if we choose to plant lavender at home very little care is needed to.

If you have heavy or clay soil grow lavender in pots. If you bring your lavender indoors keep it it a sunny place and turn the plant toward the light. A Lavender plant is a popular plant and for good reasons.

To properly take care. Feed weekly with a liquid fertilizer to encourage more prolific flowering and improved flower color. How to care lavender plants outdoors.

After drying the water completely water the plant again. Place your container grown lavender plants somewhere they receive full sun. First of all its a beautiful plant it has a pleasant fragrance and the lavender plant is attractive to bees and butterflies.

If youre going to plant directly on the soil it is better to first soften with a shovel a space of 50cm x 50cm and. Regular lavender pruning also keeps the. Lavender is pretty happy even in dry almost drought-like conditions.

Water after planting and water every 2 or 3 days for the first week. So that it grows evenly. Lavender loves sun and heat.

While indoors place the pot in a south-facing window with as much light as possible. If your soil is sandy mix in some gravel to improve drainage. You can grow lavender in pots as well as on the grounds.

If you planting you in the pot so you should take care of airflow light and water. It is not a picky plant so that it can survive in a wide range of soil. Return the Lavender outdoors in the Spring in a nice sunny space when you are confident there are no more frosts.

To avoid this do not fill your containers with soil from your garden or bagged topsoil. Cover the plants with a winter mulch of evergreen boughs or straw which will insulate from freezing winds and temperatures. Start with a standard commercial bagged mix for containers and add a tablespoon of agricultural lime to shift soil toward the alkaline blend that lavender craves.

How to Care for Lavender Plants 1. Dont mulch or use any topping that will bring moisture to the plants. Potted Lavender Care Lavender container care is all about maintaining the right temperature sun exposure and water level.

Scale back the watering to once every 3 or 4 days after the first week for the first month and then water once every two weeks until the Fall. Recently planted lavender requires more care and attention whilst the roots establish. If you have perlite or builders sand on hand mix a handful of that into the soil to sharpen the drainage.

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