How To Care For Ferns

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Caring for Ferns as Houseplants. Few pests bother ferns other than the passing slug which will devour nearly anything.

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You can add a few drops to the water you use for misting the fern.

How to care for ferns. The staghorn fern is a typical jungle plant that does appreciate plenty of humidity. Divide ferns in early spring when they become too large. You never want sopping wet soil but consistently keeping the top five inches of your soil moist is the key to a healthy fern.

Soak a plant in a large bucket so it drains completely. Feed Your Ferns. Taking care of outdoor ferns is so easy that you often forget that they are there.

Such exposure will burn them. The main things to remember in growing it are that. Just a few drops of fertilizer can be added to the water occasionally for misting.

Work amendments into the soil before planting to feed your Japanese painted fern and help get it. If you are a serial over-waterer or are looking to fill a shady corner in a bathroom or kitchen the Boston. Remove top 2 inches of compost and add fresh potting mix.

It is your choice to plant them in a pot hang them outside or plant them directly in the ground. Asparagus ferns can be indoor or outdoor plants. If natural rainfall isnt doing the job make sure you provide your fern with sufficient water during its growing season.

Caring for Outdoor Ferns 1. Feed your ferns in the summertime every two to four weeks with a liquid fertilizer but dont mix it full strength because you can damage the root system. A weak liquid fertilizer or slow-release pellet fertilizer is perfect.

You dont want soggy soil but the surface should be moist to the touch. Beyond compost added to the soil ferns do not need fertilizer. 3 hours agoBoston ferns AKA sword ferns or Nephrolepis exaltata occupy vast swathes of the worlds tropics and subtropics thriving in the rich moist soil humidity and shade of jungle canopies.

You must protect the colorful fronds for which this foliage plant is grown from exposure to the hot afternoon sun. If you let the soil dry out even a little the leaves will get crispy almost immediately. Planting a fern garden outdoors requires minimal attention other than regular mulching and water during very dry periods.

Plant the ferns in full to partial shade. Make sure that you choose an open space. Check the plant every day and water when the top of the soil starts to feel slightly dry.

In the home this means giving them a steady supply of weak fertilizer during the growing season. You can also add moisture to your ferns by placing the pots in a tray filled with gravel. The first and foremost thing is placing the fern pot in.

Set up a humidifier near your fern so it can get the moisture that it needs throughout the day. Keep the fern in the pot and cut dried out fronds to 2 inches long keeping the healthy green leaves untouched. Ferns need regular moisture and they can get it on their.

Aim for a pH between 60 and 70. Maintaining the correct temperature for the ferns. Pour about of water into.

Water ferns regularly to avoid dry soil. Maidenhair ferns are water lovers so youll want to keep the soil evenly moist. A neutral or slightly acidic soil is preferable for most ferns.

As forest floor plants wild ferns thrive on a steady supply of gently decaying organic matter. These plants do not like too high or too low temperatures. Ferns are tropical plants so they prefer high humidity.

Try placing the plant in one of the more humid areas of the house like the bathroom or run a humidifier to keep the moisture levels up. Heavy clay soils are not hospitable unless amended with compost. Ferns thrive in shady environments where they get just enough sunlight.

Water your ferns once or twice a week if it isnt raining. Dont feed your ferns in the winter because they rest. You should have healthy upright fronds in the center.

Keeping or hanging the fern pots in the appropriate location. Ways on How to Take Care of Ferns Indoor and Outdoor 1. If your home has very dry air it might not be happy in there.

Cut back damaged fronds.

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