How To Bottom Water Plants

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There are a lot of ways to water your outdoor plants but here are two methods. Since overwatering is often what kills plants pots that allow plants to drain are very important.

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This video is about tips tricks for watering houseplants.

How to bottom water plants. You can gently stick your finger up to the knuckle or so in the soil to see how dry it is. Gently place your waterlily in the pond at a shallow depth deeper depths are for mature plants. When to Water Succulents.

If you have multiple plants you want to bottom water you can place multiple grower pots into a dish or tub of water and let them soak for 20-30 minutes before taking them out and putting them back in their pots. Fill the saucer with water. Make sure all of your plants have a a drainage hole or two in their pots and b a saucer under the said pot in which to put water.

And you need to be able to lift the pot and place it in the container. This one is pretty straightforward. If the plant drinks it all within a few minutes fill it up again.

Once you know that the potted plant needs watering fill the saucer with water till its halfway full. Always let your succulents dry out between waterings. For water lovers water when.

At this time you may gently press 2 or 4 Waterlily Pond Tabs Humates into the soil. These pots will either have a hole in the center of. These pond tabs will feed your plant until the roots are mature enough to reach the Landon fertilizer deeper in the container.

Wait for the saucer to empty. Place plants in a pot with drainage holes. Simply run your hose over the root zone and stop when you.

With most plants you should water when the soil feels dry to the touch. To water plants from the bottom you will need a saucer that is wider than the pot with the plant. How to bottom water is very easy straightforward I definitely think it is the best way to wat.

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