Houseplant With Big Green Leaves

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I can help you with your indoor house plants care. The large leaves are between 8 and 15 20 40 cm wide.

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Unlike many tropical plants fatsia also known as Japanese aralia likes to be kept on the cool side but adapts well to normal room temperatures.

Houseplant with big green leaves. Also called the finger plant this tall skinny houseplant has big leaves shaped similar to maple leaves. Algerian ivy Hedera canariensis Also called Canarian ivy this climbing plant has broad glossy dark green leaves. The wide straplike arching leaves of corn plant resemble the leaves of its namesake corn.

If you think this is a useful collection you must click likeshare button maybe you can help more people. This tiny plant is ideal for terrariums and. Some corn plants have plain green leaves but some varieties like Warneckii offer.

You can expect this tall evergreen shrub to reach 9 ft. Persian ivy has the largest type of leaves from any of the ivy species. Also known as a mosaic plant it offers deeply veined green leaves with a structure like a mosaic or stained-glass window.

Then youll be left with just the pretty foliage. Resembling bright green ruffle-edged gourmet lettuce Clubmoss Selaginella kraussiana is a tropical house plant that is ideal for glass terrariums. There are many varieties of Dieffenbachia most of which are ideal for growing indoors where there is little light such as bedrooms.

Indoor house plants pictures names and how to care for your plants. Swedish Ivy Plectranthus verticillatus. Whoa there are many fresh collection of big leaf house plants.

13 Big Leaf Houseplants That Make a Statement Elephant Ear Plant Calocasia Bird of Paradise Strelitzia Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus lyrata Monstera Deliciosa Philodendron Xanadu Rubber Tree Ficus elastica African Mask Plant Alocasia amazonica Philodendron Gloriosum Banana Tree Plant. Persian ivy Hedera colchica This ivy species has shiny leaves that tend to be heart-shaped or elongated oval. Yet this houseplant belongs to the diverse dracaena family of tropical plants.

The popular houseplant has shiny dark-green leaves that have a leathery texture. Try it near a sliding glass door or in a. The pretty white blooms happen in the spring and can last for a couple of months.

Dumb cane is a big leaf indoor plant with variegated oval leaves that are green and creamy-yellow. I have worked in the interior landscape industry for more than 30 years taking care of indoor plants. 3 m tall with a large spread.

A Rubber Tree plant Ficus Elastica plant has large thick leathery leaves that can be solid green or patterned. Navigate your pointer and click the picture to see the large or full size gallery. We like them maybe you were too.

The big leaves of the fatsia plant create a dramatic tropical look in an instant. Some days ago we try to collected pictures for your ideas we hope you can inspired with these cool photos. Unlike a lot of the other plants on this list the Peace Lily is known to be a houseplant with big green leaves and white flowers that is actually not very difficult to care for.

Also called Frosty Fern and Spike Moss it has quickly spreading creeping stems with branching lacy foliage and light. Identification of your indoor house plants with my indoor plants pictures.

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