House Plant With Red Flowers

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Fittonia houseplant is a creeping plant with leaves of white red or pink veins and small white flowers. These are fairly easy to care for however they may not bloom if not cared for correctly.

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House plant with red flowers. Popular House Plants Click on any picture in our Popular House Plant Section and learn how to identify grow and care for indoor houseplants. The amaryllis blooms in winter when there are almost no signs of life in your outdoor garden beds. You may also see clivia called kaffir lily.

If your garden-themed crossword puzzle clue says plant with red stem 7. To keep your flamingo flower healthy place in bright indirect sunlight and grow in acidic well-draining soilless potting mix. Water flamingo plants when the top 1 25 cm of soil is dry keep humidity high and grow in a temperature range of between 60F and 90F 16C 32C.

Also called abutilon this plant has red yellow pink or peach papery blossoms that appear almost all year long. A pretty little houseplant. Anthurium plants actually grow in the forests of tropical regions like Hawaii although they are in containers inside in many areas of the US.

Simply repot with a peat moss or a coco coir-based soil mixture provide bright indirect sunlight and allow the soil to partially dry out between waterings. The Kaffir lily is a flowering house plant that blooms beautiful orange my favorite red yellow and cream flowers in clusters of more than 10. The bright red anthurium flowers are surrounded by glossy green heart-shaped leaves.

For more robust repeated flowering allow the Anthurium to rest for six weeks with little water during the winter at approximately 60F. The plants typically last a few years before getting leggy and unattractive. Easy to grow in a small pot you can expect bright large flowers in shades of red.

Its a must to understand the Kaffirs needs and then theyre easy enough to maintain while producing flowers. Try this heat tolerant annual as a. Clivia blooms only when it has been exposed to cool dry conditions so give it lower temperatures in winter and keep it on the dry side.

The plants grow 24 inches tall by 12 inches wide and also feature red-centered white flowers. How to care for anthurium plants. As a houseplant it usually blooms in winter with clusters of up to 20 reddish-orange or yellow tubular flowers.

This long blooming plant will provide a burst of color in spring and continue to bloom through the heat of summer and until hard frost providing great color in the fall landscape. Also known as Flamingo Flowers or Tailflowers Anthuriums produce shiny waxy flowers in white coral pink rose or deep red with long cone-like yellow centers. Bright Lights Red African Daisys large red flowers form a mounded shape reaching for the sun.

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