Herbs That Cannot Be Planted Together

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Sunflowers need to be planted at least 12 inches away from any other plant. You cant expect a desert plant to do well in boggy conditions and you cant expect a plant from the deep forest to survive in full sun.

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These herbs thrive when planted together not to mention that companion planting will also save you a ton of space.

Herbs that cannot be planted together. Once you know that there are 20000 KNOWN herbs on the planet a little thought will tell you that not all herbs can be grown together. Dont plant near carrots. When planted together basil and marigold are a potent natural pest repellant.

Cucumber fennel rue sage. Weve compiled a list of herbs that can be planted together so you dont have to keep guessing. We Asked an Expert.

Having your very own herb garden is not only beneficial but its also super easy to do. Dont plant near peppers squash strawberries tomatoes. Its one of the only herbs that doesnt mind being planted together with rosemary according to Gardening Channel but it does not appreciate having dill.

Dont plant near broccoli cauliflower cilantro cucumbers. Borage improves the growth and flavor of basil. You can grow herbs in pots together as long as you remember two rules.

Wormwood can also be damaging to other herbs and plants in your garden. Some herbs such as rosemary thyme and sage prefer a soil that is relatively dry and sandy- while basil and parsley are moisture lovers. It has soft fuzzy leaves meaning that it.

We love a hands-off plant. Herbs like mint tend to. Avoid mixing those that like plenty of water such as chives mint chervil.

This herb is prime for beginners especially those who arent the strictest about tending to plants. Herbs are usually pretty low maintenance so even if you dont have a green thumb theres no. Trap crops like geraniums an borage should be planted either protective herbs and flowers at the border of the garden or only several feet in front of the protective border as a.

Rue will not harm other plants in the garden but keep it well away from your cabbages basil and sage. Flowering herbs such as chamomile chives and oregano enhance essential oil content in basil. Rue should be kept away from sage basil and cabbages.

What Herbs Grow Well Together. If you grow fennel or wormwood keep them in isolation planted well away from the others in your garden. This type of companion planting use both herbs and ornamental plants that urge harmful bugs in their direction only to sicken or kill them after being snacked upon.

Thyme is a tiny creeping plant that easily can be kept in bounds in a pot and it may be paired with a prostrate. Rosemary oregano sage thyme marjoram and lavender all fall into this group.

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