Growing Watermelon On A Trellis

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In this video I will show you how I am going to grow watermelons vertically to save space in my garden. When you grow musk melons or even watermelon vertically you use significantly less garden space.

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Vertical melon growing shares all of these benefits.

Growing watermelon on a trellis. By building a trellis on each side of a small raise. Watermelon grows on thick vine-like stems and is well-suited for growing on trellises gates or sturdy cages. Trellised watermelons being supported by stockings while growing If youre reallyshort on space grow your watermelons vertically.

In addition fruit is held above the wet ground and far from crawling bugs. How to LOTS of watermelon – vertically on a trellis – in garden beds containers. Erect a trellis of wood or metal and plant your seedlings or seeds at the base.

Growing melons vertically that is up a trellis allows for better airflow that keeps foliage dry. A single melon plant grown horizontally can. Make hammocks out of the cloth strips.

One healthy watermelon plant can take up. Once vines start to run you can train them up the trellis using gardening twine. Plus training them on a trellis keeps the fruits vines and leaves off the damp soil helping to prevent fungal infections and pest infestations.

By training the vines to climb a vertical structure you save space in your garden while still giving the melons plenty of space to stretch. But because they need full sun to thrive be sure not to plant your melons in the shadow of any tall-growing plants. Since the vines wont support the melons for long each melon should be in a hammock by the time it gets to be about the size of a baseball.

Growing watermelons on a trellis. Tie one end of. Follow the 5 tips in this video to grow refreshing tasty watermelon in.

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