Ground Covering Flowers That Bloom All Summer

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This drought-tolerant plant can also be grown in full sun. Rarely any of the popular ground covers continue to bloom in winter but there are plenty of plants like sedums and stonecrops that remain equally attractive all year due to the interesting color of their foliage.

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These ground-hugging sedums are evergreen in climates with milder winters and semi-evergreen down to -20 degrees F.

Ground covering flowers that bloom all summer. The Best Plants that Bloom All Summer. If you want white flowering ground cover plant through the summer then plant the perennial Snow-in-Summer Cerastium tomentosum. Reaching just 4 inches tall theyre covered in blooms in late summer through fall.

Yarrow Achillea millefolium is an herb plant that blooms all summer June through September on stems growing 2 to 3 feet in height. During summer the plant produces glossy streaks of. In blooms from spring to fall giving you summer long beauty.

Dahlia Perennial flowers that bloom from spring to fall. The blossoms of wishbone are trumpet-shaped in shades of purple pink white and yellow often with contrasting throats Leaves are light green and oval. Others use it as an edging along garden beds.

You might also try. Commonly known as periwinkle or creeping myrtle these whitish-blue flowers are commonly grown as ground cover for their enchanting evergreen foliage that will stay rich and lush all year long. The toad lily is a perennial flower that loves a shady garden.

Dead nettle also known as Lamium is a low-growing perennial with silver-splashed leaves and bursts of purple pink or white flowers that pop up. Garden phlox is another perennial plant that you can depend on for summer long blooms. Helenium is a seasonal powerhouse churning out fiery flowers by the hundreds from early summer to late fall.

This is a low-height spreading plant that has light-green foliage and an abundance of white flowers when it blossoms. Most home gardeners use Lilyturf to help with weed and erosion control. Bugleweed florish during hot weather conditions especially when the plant is fully growed.

Classic examples of flowering ground covers for sun are snow-in-summer creeping phlox and sedum. Plant Hardiness Zones 4-10. They prefer zones 4-9 with some varieties of vinca growing best in zones 7-9.

Lilyturf also known as monkey grass is the ideal choice for those looking for a tough and drought-tolerant perennial ground cover that blooms in the late summer. It has a sophisticated charm with silver foliage snowy blooms and velvety leaves. Cover a sunny hard-to-mow bank or slope quickly with this fast-spreading silvery ground cover.

An example is the so-called red thyme though its flower color is really more of a pink or lavender. Yarrow plants were widely used medicinally prior to modern times to staunch the flow of blood. Wishbone flower also called bluewings or clown flower is an annual that grows best in part to full shade.

Liriope muscari This showy and tough ground cover has deep green grass-like foliage. There are tall flowering plants small flowering shrubs or gorgeous blooming ground cover plants. With a daisylike form and a moderate height they give an outstanding pop of colour to summer borders decorative pots cutting gardens and mixed perennial beds.

Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia A tall flowering plant with bright yellow flowers that last all summer. Its a perennial ground cover plant that grows shiny and smooth deep green leaves. Some of my favorites are Dragons Blood Blue Spruce and Lime Twister because of their interesting foliage and flower colors.

Why we love it. Spikes of violet or lavender color flowers appear from late summer until the fall. The leaves are streaking with chocolate-brown.

The species form has clusters of white flowers but cultivars are available that offer flowers in many colors. Named after the tiny hairs on the foliage that look similar to ice crystals the succulent type foliage changes to a darker green as the temperatures drop in the fall. Flowering groundcovers will also attract pollinating insects ensuring a bountiful veggie garden.

Some will even produce brightly colored fruits after the petals have dropped while others flower all season long. If the plant becomes woody give it a substantial pruning to rejuvenate growth. Suitable for zones 2 to 11 it likes moist well-drained soil.

The warm weather perennial features a bright red-purple color. Thyme generally doesnt mind poor soil though it prefers good drainage. The ideal way to go is to plant some low maintenance flowering plants that will keep your garden vigorous all the time.

True to its name snow in summer provides a blizzard of delicate white flowers to blanket its fuzzy foliage starting in late spring. Some types of thyme Thymus ground cover flower profusely albeit minutely. The Snow-in-Summer is a creeping type of perennial that has small silky green leaves.

If you need a low growing ground cover with summer flowers all season long Ice Plant is an excellent choice. The abundant purple flowers of Mazus reptans also known as creeping blue bloom in mid-spring and remain through early summer. Green and gold is a ground cover perennial that thrives in the shade.

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