Gardening Words Meaning In English

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768 other words – similar meaning. 5 synonyms of garden from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 11 related words definitions and antonyms.

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In American English the usual word is yard and a garden refers only to land which is used for growing flowers and vegetablesthe most beautiful garden on Earth.

Gardening words meaning in english. _____ Words in This Story. The art or science of cultivating gardens. A yard or lawn.

Suitable for growth in an outdoor garden especially due to hardiness garden chrysanthemums. Of a kind typically grown in gardens garden phlox also. George Grow and Kelly Jean Kelly edited it.

Adj US ordinary ordinaire. N jardin m potager. Of relating to used in or frequenting a garden a garden gate a garden hose garden pests.

Someone who does this is called a landscape gardener. Before a noun relating to produced in or suitable for growing or use in a garden. Definition of garden Entry 3 of 3 1.

Grounds park plot patch More Synonyms of garden. The job or activity of working in a garden growing and taking care of the plants and keeping. A garden in the wilderness.

Same as hoe or garden tool garden-variety. An arrangement of living material that is cultivated for food as a fungus garden maintained by ants. British the profession or activity of making a garden or area of land more attractive by adding trees plants and other special features.

Gardening Vocabulary Word List 415 A Abundance Acclimation Adaptation Adjust Aeration Agriculture All-organic Amount Annual Anther Ants Aphid Appearance Arbor Aroma Arrangement Atmosphere Attractive. Often plural a piece of ground or other space used as a park or other public recreation area. In British English a garden is a piece of land next to a house with flowers vegetables other plants and often grass.

The experiment itself is garden-variety science. A plot or area of ground usually near a house where flowers shrubs vegetables fruits or herbs are grown. A rural US saying that means a persons bottom-wear such as dress or slacks have gotten caught in their butt crack.

A market garden Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. N jardin m paysager jardin paysagé. Goats in the garden.

N jardin m dherbes aromatiques. Chiefly Canada US Present participle for to. Of or pertaining to horticulture.

Dr Johnson gave the following definition of garden. A piece of ground enclosed and cultivated with extraordinary care planted with herbs or fruit or food or laid out for pleasure. A plot of ground where herbs fruits flowers or.

A fertile and delightful spot or region. It is surrounded by open woodland and landscaped gardens. Anna Matteo wrote this story for Learning English.

Find another word for garden. A large room or building for enclosed public gatherings. No object to cultivate a.

Yard and Garden and Garth derive from the OE geard and older languages meaning an enclosure. Often gardens Grounds laid out with flowers trees and ornamental shrubs and used for recreation or display.

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