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Here are some general guidelines that you can refer to. A general fertilizer every few weeks will help your plant thrive.

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They like temperatures between 60-80 F 16-27C.

Gardening know how snake plant. Whether you are a new gardener or an experienced one we can help you learn new hings and grow your garden. Make sure the soil drains very well. Let it dry out between watering and then soak the soil completely.

Its variegated green-striped leaves grow in a twisting almost wavy-looking fashion. Despite popular belief theres not a certain time of year or strict schedule to follow with fertilizing your snake plant. Twist is a shorter variety only growing to about 14 inches tall.

The dramatic upright leaves which have no stems have architectural appeal that adds a bright splash of greenery to any room. Plus if you have a gardening question one of our helpful and friendly gardening experts can help answer it. The plant also called sanseveria is native to Nigeria.

Snake plants grow well indoors because they are a tropical plant. Laurentii has creamy yellow leaf margins and is an attractive variegated variety that grows to two to three feet tall. Snake Plant Varieties.

If the edges of the leaves turn yellow the plant is likely getting too much sun. Its an evergreen perennial plant that usually spreads through creeping rhizomes. If temperatures drop below 50F 10C the plant may yellow and die or turn brown at the edges and tips of the leaves.

This is easily done by lifting the entire plant from its pot and and gently pulling the plant into smaller root systems. A snake plant may be the perfect plant for you to grow. If your snake plant has droopy leaves its an indication that something isnt right.

If you prefer decorative planters consider housing your snake plant in a. Ask a gardening question get a gardening answer. Read on for suggestions about possible causes and fixes for a mother-in-law tongue with drooping leaves.

But the real difference between the snake plant and the other plants is the fact that it looks really unique. Until recently these stylish plants were known by the botanical name Sansevieria but scientists reclassified the group. Snake plants have been popular for decades because theyre one of the absolute simplest houseplants to growand learning how to care for snake plants is even easier.

Find a spot out of direct sunlight. The plant is found from Nigeria in the east to the Congo. Take cuttings in summer and allow four to six weeks for them to.

It can survive low light levels drought and generally being ignored. Snake plants dont tolerate over-saturated soils so a container with good drainage is crucial Cunningham explains. It is the amount of sun that your snake plant is getting that will determine how often you should be fertilizing it.

Sansevieria commonly known as the snake plant is a very tolerant plant that is hard to kill. Using a knife carefully cut away a leaf and a piece of root and plant it up in a small pot of compost. A snake plant cannot withstand frost or.

Historically Sansevierias have been treasured in Chinese African Japanese and Brazilian cultures. Here is a link with more care information. The snake plant is a species of flowering plants that are native to Western Africa.

They will even reward your neglect by helping to clean the air in your home. High light Fertilize every 3 months. It sounds like you need to divide the plant.

If that sounds like your house youre not alone. The best way to propagate Sansevieria is by cuttings. Water in well and put the.

How to propagate a snake plant You can propagate snake plants by taking leaf cuttings but the simplest method is by dividing. Snakes plants are native to arid regions of Africa where light is variable and humidity is low. You may know mother-in-law plant Sansevieria as the snake plant appropriately nicknamed for its tall slender upright leaves.

There are several varieties of snake plant representing several sizes shapes and colors. Discover gardening made easy.

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