Difference Between Basil And Thai Basil

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The flavor is peppery and warm and although there is a difference between Thai basil and common sweet basil they can be substituted for each other in most recipes. Delicate leaves green stems peppery-sweet taste.

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To begin Thai basil isnt just one specific plant.

Difference between basil and thai basil. Thai Basil has the traditional basil sweetness but its also spicier than most basil varieties. It is sweet flavored but has a hint of licorice taste to it. Italian basil is an acceptable substitute in dishes with many other strong flavors such as our Three-Cup Chicken but Thai basil is worth seeking out for dishes such as Vietnamese spring rolls where spicy flavor and sturdy texture are key elements.

What Is Thai Basil. Slightly savory spicy licorice-like flavor. What is the difference between Thai basil and basil.

There are two different main types of basil. Consider its use in dishes like pad ki mao drunken noodles and green curry. The Thai variety tends to hold its flavor better when cooked than its Mediterranean cousin does.

Sweet Ocimum basilicum Thai O. A white one and a red one. Note also that dried basil is a dull green color while fresh basil is a vibrant green.

Sweet basil is used in more Italian-based dishes and Thai basil is for you guessed it Thai dishes. The leaves of both are hairy and more delicate than the leaves of Thai basil. In the above pic from wikipedia you can see a side by side comparison of sweet basil which is what Im thinking you mean by regular basil and Thai basil.

This type of basil holds up well to high-temperature cooking so dont be afraid to add it to your favorite stir-fry recipe. Sweet basil is well known for its inclusion in many Mediterranean dishes while Thai basil plays an equally important role in Thai cuisine. Holy Basil is on the left and Thai Basil is on the right.

Thai basil has a purple stem and sweet basil has a green stem. When I think of Regular basil I think of the common sweet basil that has a sweet Italian dish flavor. The leaves are smaller and pointier and the plant produces beautiful purple flowers.

It also has a more compact growth habit. Large broad leaves green stems usually develops white flowers. Thai basil has a distinctly different flavor that is more like Holy basil but better tasting.

Dried basil is brittle and crumbly like most dried herbs while fresh basil leaves have a similar texture to spinach and other fresh herbs. Thai Basils leaves are smooth and it has purple flowers and purple stems on it. Holy Basils leaves are jagged and it has white flowers.

Thai basil has distinctive purple stems and leaves. They also have purple stems which is also a good trait to look for if youre able to find them in a store. It has strong notes of anise that really stand out when added to recipes even.

Basil leaves are delicate smooth round and green. These two herbs also differ in how they look. Physically Thai basil leaves are sturdier more narrow and have almost a serrated edge to them.

At a glance the most distinguishable difference is the color of the stems. Basil originated in China India and Africa. Thai basil is strong and bold with a spicy licorice-like flavor.

Where did Holy Basil get its name. Unofficially basils are generally grouped into three categories though there isnt any hard and fast rule to define these. In many of these areas Basil had different religious purposes or superstitious purposes.

Thai basil is as important to the. Thyrsiflora and holy O. Basil smells and tastes like cloves but Thai basil smells and tastes like licorice.

Thai basil leaves are firm hairy jagged and purple. Final Thoughts Basil is sweet and peppery while Thai basil is sweet and spicy. Basil lovers may know the subtle differences between each type but when planting basil you may be confused as to which seeds will work best in your area and for your needs.

The big difference between dried and fresh basil is flavor. There are two varieties of holy basil.

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