Difference Between A Mole And A Vole

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Moles feed on a carnivorous diet that consists of fossorial invertebrates whereas voles are vegetarians with preference to fruits nuts and succulent roots. Voles are rodents and are about the same size as moles 4 to 6 inches in body length with relatively large black eyes small ears a blunt face and prominent orange front teeth for gnawing.

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Photo courtesy of flickr Voles.

Difference between a mole and a vole. A vole also called a meadow mouse has rounded ears and body and is reddish or brown and black in color with a gray underside. A mole tunnels underground lifting the soil upwards and making your yard squishy when you walk on it. The life expectancy of a vole is around 12 months or less while moles can live years.

Catching moles quickly reduces damage to yards and gardens. You can think of vole travel paths as ruts. Moles dig tunnels at a depth of 10 inches underground while voles dig closer to the surface.

A mole has a pointed snout enlarged front feet and eyes and ears so tiny that they are not visible. Often confused for one another these three animals are in fact distinct and differ in their habits and destruction. Moles live underground in tunnels and are predatory in nature.

Moles have deep below-ground tunnels as well as surface tunnels. Moles are heavier weighing 4 to 5 ounces while voles are lighter weighing 2 to 3 ounces. A Vole often called a meadow mouse comes to the surface.

Moles voles and gophers are three critters that can wreck havoc on lawns and flower beds. Learn the difference between moles voles and gophers in order to. Meadow voles the most common voles in Pennsylvania are herbivores and eat a variety of grasses seeds and roots.

Mole tunnels however may raise the surface when they are not deep but are still entirely covered. In just one day a mole is capable of digging more than 200 yards and in so doing displacing an astonishing 540 times its own body weight in. Voles prefer to live in creeping vegetation or in low-lying and make trails through the snow or grass.

Voles have rounded ears and face with a short tail. Moles have a hairless pointy snout large claws and seemingly no eyes or ears while voles look like mice with orange teeth. Moles are solitary predators that aggressively defend their territory.

Moles are marsupials while voles are rodents. Unlike voles moles are mostly predatory eating earthworms grubs and other soil-dwelling arthropods. And finally a shrew has a pointed snout but unlike the mole a shrews front feet are not enlarged.

When mole tunnels are close to the surface the tops of the tunnel are convex and may be pushed down as you walk. Are moles tearing up your yard or garden. They have small eyes concealed ears and front feet designed for digging.

Unlike the predacious moles voles are primarily herbivores and will feed on the bark roots bulbs and seeds of many ornamental plants and grasses. Voles tunnel under the snow pack in winter but remain above ground and create those highways in the grass you see when it melts. A mole is a carnivore that eats worms insects ants and other animals.

The Molenator recommends you stay away from poisons due to the high toxicity its ineffectiveness and negative impact to the surrounding ecosystem. A mole is classified as a mammal a member of the family Talpidae while a vole is categorized as a rodent from the family Cricetidae. The diet of a mole is different form a vole.

What is the difference between Mole and Vole. Moles primarily feed on earthworms grubs beetles and other animals or arthropods found in soil. Voles with a V make little runway-like paths on.

Moles – Moles are also small rodents. Moles with an M make raised tunnels in lawns that you can collapse by pushing hard on them but dont otherwise harm plants.

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