Deer Proof Shrubs And Trees

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Your ornamental perennial plants flowers and shrubs in your garden should be eye candy not the candy store for your local deer population. Top Deer-Resistant Hedges and Screens.

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WOODY Ornamental Plants RARELY Damaged by Deer.

Deer proof shrubs and trees. These Trees Shrubs make it easy to keep deer away from your landscaping. Bee balm Monarda didyma is a great example. No wonder with their spiny leaves.

Deer-Resistant Plants for Sun. Here are the Best Deer Resistant Plants to keep them away. Below is our list of shrubs on which deer are more unlikely to dine.

Deer Resistant Plants. Landscaping with Deer-Resistant Plants and Flowers. 528 rows Realizing that no plant is deer proof plants in the Rarely Damaged and Seldom Severely.

This list provides a guide and was developed from a variety of sources which may not all be equally reliable. Holly Ilex Almost all hollies are left alone by deer. Fortunately there are plenty from which to choose and we narrowed our list down to 18 gorgeous deer-resistant shrubs that will suit gardens across the country.

Japanese Painted Fern. You can do your best to fill it with plants known for being the least desirable to these feisty forest creatures. The leaves stems and roots of this sun-worshipping member of the mint family have a distinct orange-like odor when rubbed or crushed that deer tend.

Interplant aromatic perennial herbs throughout your garden that. These substances repel by disagreeable odor taste or a combination of the two. 4 rows Use other plants to deter them.

Thuja Green Giant Because it has genes from the Redcedar this plant the best hedging plant you can grow is also resistant to deer. Other repellents that people have had success with are. Deer have a tendency to avoid plants with aromatic or pungent leaves.

One of the best ways to know if a plant is deer-resistant is to rub the foliage. Several Evergreen Trees Privacy Trees as well as densely-growing shrubs are deer resistant. Although it is important to note it is impossible to completely deer-proof your garden.

Although there is no truly deer-proof plant many plants are less tasty than others. Note that no plant is completely deer-proof particularly when deer densities are high. Our favorite is Deer Stopper II which is an all-natural repellent that is effective and it has an appealing fragrance to people.

Your experience of course may differ. Apply deer repellents to plants that deer love to eat. Deer-Resistant Plants for Shade.

While no plant is entirely deer resistant Bambi tends to shy away from plants that have unpalatable characteristics as thorny stems strong scent bitter flavor or unappealing texture.

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