Can You Fertilize New Grass

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The Lawnifi New Lawn Starter Box is the best fertilizer for new sod and contains the perfect amount of nutrients for your newly establishing lawns needs. When to Fertilize the Lawn in.

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An overdose can burn or kill your young grass plants.

Can you fertilize new grass. The best time to fertilize is when your grass is actively growingand this in turn is determined by where you. Dry granules must then be watered in so that the nutrients can reach the roots. If you fertilize once a year do it around Labor Day.

Start by weeding the area that you will be planting in then gently rake the top layer of soil to loosen it. A popular method is using a broadcast spreader. You can apply fertilizer to the soil or you can do it at the same time as while you spread grass seed.

Thats when lawns absorb the most nutrients. This is when to fertilize new grass seed. With new sods liquid fertilizers are the better choice because they easily penetrate the soils surface and work their magic on the area below.

For new grass applying the right fertilizers at the right stages of growth can be the make or break between growing a full green lawn that is resistant to inclement weather versus having to go through the disappointment of watching your newly planted seeds become a yellow patchy or non-existent lawn. How Often to Fertilize New Grass. Fertilizer plays a large role in the health of your new shoots.

Generally speaking you should plan on fertilizing the soil once just prior to sowing grass seed or laying down sod. Although nitrogen is an important macronutrient for plants your new lawn needs to get established first. The fertilizer should also include potassium K but the amount need not be high.

When to Fertilize Lawn Knowing when to fertilize your lawn depends on how often you plan to apply it. The ideal time to fertilize new grass seed is before or while the seed is being sown. Level the ground adding a top layer of turf building lawn soil or fertilizer.

Fertilizing After New Seedling Growth Much like the human body grass roots can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients. From grass density to mowing frequency and maintenance your fertilization practices can either transform your new grass seeds into a lush lawn or force your turf to work overtime. Lets take a quick look at the different ways you can replace dead grass.

You want moist soil not soggy. Spread your grass seed. Prep the soil by tilling or turning it to loosen.

Before applying fertilizer you want to make sure the new grass gets settled on the new surface during the establishment period. Nitrogen N and phosphorous P are the most important nutrients for new grass so look for a fertilizer with an N-P-K ratio that has the three numbers the same — known as a balanced fertilizer — or is higher in the first two numbers. Use a liquid solution diluted to the proper specifications with a lawn hose spay system or a lawn spreader to equally distribute your dry fertilizer granules over your lawn.

Fertilize seedlings Once about two-thirds of the seedlings are growing fertilize with a 5. Yes you can. Inserting fertilizer right away might cause negative effects such as wilting and chemical reactions on the surrounding plants and roots.

Heres how you do it. As a matter of fact its recommended to use fertilizer on new sods to promote their growth and maintain healthy roots so the grass will keep growing for years to come. Apply a starter fertilizer when youre preparing the lawn before planting.

However after this initial fertilization its recommended that you avoid fertilizing the new lawn for at least six weeks to allow the grass to get established. Although starter fertilizers vary slightly in composition most. Before installing your new turf till the starter fertilizer into the ground with a hoe.

Be sure that none of the fertilizer. Wait a few months until spring starts to kick in from March on you can use a spring-summer fertilizer to promote the growth of your new lawn once temperatures begin to rise. Also do not put fertilizers with heavy doses of nitrogen content.

Water Make sure you water thoroughly at once a day until you see the seeds germinating. Dead grass cant come back the same way dormant grass can youll need to start over. After this routinely feed your lawn every 4-6 weeks.

For biannual fertilizing add a second application the middle of October. Fertilizing earlier will provide your grass seeds with a nutritional boost that can help as they try to take root and establish themselves. To avoid damaging your lawn consider this rule of thumb.

So if you get the fertilization process wrong the result could. Top with a light layer of compost.

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