Can You Eat Ornamental Kale

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Ornamental cabbage and kale look and grow very much like their close relatives the edible cabbages and kales. Some people say they are edible and.

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John shows his Ornamental kale that over summered and is now back growing again as the weather cools down.

Can you eat ornamental kale. Although theyre categorized as the same species. Ornamental kale is botanically the same plant as the kale you grow in your vegetable garden but is cultivated for its pretty and colorful leaves. Ornamental kale Brassica oleracea and its cousin the ornamental cabbage were developed for their spectacular colors and foliage.

Youve probably heard for some ad nauseam. If your kale plant is bolting early there is not a lot that you can do to stop the process. Ornamental Kale in the Kitchen.

The same species as the kale used as a food crop ornamental kale is edible to humans though it may not taste as good as kale more traditionally used for food. A few plants are both dangerously toxic even in small doses but not very many of these are also. Ornamental kale is one of the easiest bedding plants to grow looks great all through the cool season is bothered by few pests and its edible.

If you really want to eat some of your ornamental kale you can counteract the extra bitterness of the taste by blanching it. As Harvest to Table. The ornamental kale also known as flowering kale has been bred to look like a pretty colorful cabbage which makes sense since the yre related.

Yes in theory you could eat ornamental cabbage and kale but it tastes very bitter and was not grown for eating. In fact I understand ornamental kale is. Remember that ornamental vegetables are bred for their bright colors and unusual leaves and shapes and not their flavor.

In fact try growing and eating leafy greens with this recipe. Ornamental cabbage and kale also known as flowering cabbage and kale are in the same species Brassica oleracea as edible cabbage broccoli and. The colored varieties sometimes called salad Savoy are most often grown for ornamental purposes but theyre edible.

Ornamental kale plants Brassica oleracea and their cousin the ornamental cabbage were developed for their spectacular colors and are not edible. Ornamental kale that was organically grown is totally safe to eat raw or cooked however it could be a little tough and bitter when raw. Yes much of what grows in the backyard is toxic in some mild way.

It might be a better. However if you nip the flower head off the plant will most likely. If theyre organically grown and not treated with chemicals you can eat them.

The same species as the kale used as a food crop ornamental kale is edible to humans though it may not taste as good as kale more traditionally used for food. In most cases I advocate harvesting and eating leafy greens like kale before they begin to flower. If you are looking for cabbage and kale to.

Its frequently asked and the answer is yes flowering kale and cabbage are edible.

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