Can I Harvest The Top Half Of My Plant

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Plants are coming right along. And after u cut the tops move the lights closer to really shine on the small ones.

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I can vouch for doing a part harvest.

Can i harvest the top half of my plant. Marijuana matures from the bottom to the top. If you wanna cut. Not sure how much longer youd leave them prolly couple of days- a week but most def you can harvest the top of the plant and leave the lower part.

You might want to get an answer to this question Can I harvest the top half of my plant Yes you can harvest the mature buds on the top section and liberate the leaves and branches to permit the better infiltration of light to the lower part of the plant. If you have space and time cut the top buds off and let the bottom go for another week or 2 The commercial types chop the whole plant to get another grow going asap. To answer your questionyes you can cut the mature buds from the top of the.

When it comes to growing outdoors harvesting the top buds first can lead to more uniform bud maturity and more money for commercial farmers. I dont know how accurate the whole a hanging plant gets more resin point is id say cut and chop how you wish. Harvesting cannabis is so easy that even complete beginners can do it right the first time.

Im a newbie here but ill take a shot at it. While chopping the top half of the plant and leaving the lower buds go longer can and will often lead to an increase on the lower branches. You should have no problems with taking the top half of the plant as its pretty common.

I talk about harvesting half of a cannabis plant partial harvest and why I do it. In short pro growers like to use a combination of several dependable signs that indicate the flower ripeness. I take off all the buds that look ready and confirmed under the scope and leave the remaining bottom half for another 7-10 days.

Many outdoor farms turn their entire crop into concentrates and oils. Harvest just about the entire plant when its ready but leave a popcorn bud on the 4 lowest branches of the plant two on each side of the stalk. This will give excited and impatient growers the opportunity to harvest the top of the plants before the rest of the plant has reached the ideal color on the trichomes.

In one of our previous articles weve discussed how professional weed growers know when to harvest their plant. Next step you need to do is clear out the branches and leaves so your plant gets better light and so your lower part of the plant will not be ripe and grow faster. I would think twice about restarting nutrients at all unless you are hydro and even then i would probibly just let them go without as its probibly only a week or 2 at most from harvest so best of luck.

You can harvest the top half of the plant and cut the mature buds you see from the top. Even though there are still plenty of white pistils on the following bud the plant is dying and keeps getting worse so its a good idea to harvest soon. What im saying is that 5 weeks is premature but if you were to look at your trichs through a microscope and see that the ones on the top of your plant are becoming VERY cloudy or amber in color but the bottem is still immature than by all means harvest the top and let the ones on the bottom continue to gro.

And the lower buds will continue to grow and ripen and can be harvested a week or two later. So cutting off the top would mean youre leaving the most mature part of the plant. Due to light exposure the top of your plants will ripen and mature earlier than the buds below.

The direct opposite of what youre trying to accomplish. I also of course show all the other plants. Can I harvest the top half of my plant.

Heat or light stressed plants may keep growing lots of new white hairs on top of mature older buds. Alot of ppl harvest the top colas first and leave the lower budsites time to ripen a bit longer. In that case look at the older parts of the bud to determine when to harvest.

Its not rare for a plant to be harvested in two increments. To answer your questionyes you can cut the mature buds from the top of the plant and clear the branches and leaves to allow better light penetration to the lower portion of the plant. On commercial hemp and cannabis farms of less than 10 acres it can be very lucrative to harvest top buds first.

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