Best Plants For Honey Production

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Alsike clover is considered one of the best plants for honey bees in North America especially in cool moist areas like the Pacific Northwest. Also apple trees can be relatively inexpensive like this one here.

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We have 12 acres on our farm that are ready to plant for the Bees.

Best plants for honey production. Mint is among the best herbs that will benefit your honey bees. Another thought is Alfalfa but not sure which is best for honey. 76 rows The nectar sources from large cultivated fields of blooming apples cherries canola melons.

Unlike other clover species alsike clover thrives in wet waterlogged soils and is very winter hardy. Stems are erect four-sided reddish branched at the top soft-hairy. We wanted to add partridge but have read that it is a little toxic to bees and it may sour the honey.

Main Forage Category Sub Forage Category Scientific Name Common Name Flowering Period Eucalyptus grandis Saligna gum May-Jul Eucalyptus cladocalyx Sugar gum Dec-Feb Eucalyptus conferruminata Spider gum Aug-Sep. Oregano Origanum vulgare L. Flowers For Honey Bees-Choosing the Best Growing Flowers that Bees Love.

As a result purple is one of the most attractive colors to a honey bee. It is a perennial herbaceous essential oil and honey plant of the family Labiatae 30-60 cm 15-30 tall with an oblique rhizome. Lavender typically blooms in June and July providing your honey bees with a wonderful early- to mid-summer treat.

Combine the flower color with the abundance of nectar and its no wonder why lavender is one of the top plants that help honey production. Honeybee Plants for an Ornamental Garden Black Locust Robinia pseudoacacia Tree large 800 – 1200 pounds honey Nectar A consistently good nectar source year after year. Leaves are petiolate opposite oblong-ovate entire.

Asters Aster many varieties Perennial flowers 30 – 50 pounds honey. It produces an abundance of pinkish blossoms that bloom from spring to summer. 100 pounds pollen Nectar and pollen A.

This is primarily my top tree pick for honey bees because it grows well in over ten states. Utility Corridors and 4. Blooming Plants Provide Food.

However there are a few key land types where addition of forage can have the biggest impact on honey bee health and honey production. Tlou Masehela PhD Thesis. Fabaceae alfalfa clovers redbud soybean black locust Lamiaceae mints rosemary sage thyme bee balm basil catnip Brassicaceae broccoli turnip greens canola wild mustards.

Honey bee forage can be preserved or created wherever there is room for flowering plants that have honey and nectar. All of these areas have the potential to contain a large abundance and. Plants important to South African beekeepers as honey bee forage adopted from 2011-2013 beekeeper survey.

5 rows Orange blossom and other citrus trees tupelo trees wild sage buckwheat horse mint basswood and. Mint is not just great for better honey production as you can also use this herb yourself. Plant families attractive to honey bees.

They delight in searching for. Mint honey often has a reddish amber color. Honey bees are not the only ones that benefit from blooming plants.

It does best in the warmer climates with milder winters but it would still grow in some of the northern states. Wild cherry sweet and horse chestnut bee-bee tree Tetradium daniellii Japanese pagoda tree Styphnolobium japonicum cigar tree Catalpa bignonioides tulip tree Liriodendron tulipifera false indigo bush Amorpha fruticosa and honey locust Gleditsia triacanthos. The list so far is Yellow sweet clover White sweet clover White Dutch clover and Alsike.

These easy to grow plants require little maintenance and care and are excellent choices for bee gardens. Bees harvest the plant for pollen and nectar. Many gardeners want to invite pollinators to their garden.

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