Best Plants For Hillside Landscaping

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In most cases if your slope soil is deeper a mix of deep-rooted plants like bougainvillea and shallow-rooted plants like monkey flowers or sagebrush are needed to secure the top soil to the bottom rock. Vardar Valley Boxwood and Otto Luyken Laurel are used to add some height and evergreen foliage to the planting.

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Japanese Maple These plants are natively from japan china Korea east magnolia and southeast Russia.

Best plants for hillside landscaping. If you have surface soil on solid rock planting trees helps keep water moving off the slope. California sagebrush Artemesia californica has feathery silver-green foliage and is. See the sample plantings below Also the type of mulch you use is important.

The shallow rooted plants like monkey flowers Diplacus spp Penstemons Penstemon spp Sagebrush Artemisia spp sages Salvia spp or some manzanitas do this well. Shrubs reaching 3 feet or less in height contribute additional textures and colors to a hillside landscape. Do not use compost rice straw hay straw large chunks of bark etc.

They are the type of woody plants which are very attractive. They are delicate just like the classic maple tree and they are a great choice for slope planting. Perennial Geraniums Autumn Bride Heuchera Carex pennsylvanica were planted in massed drifts along this hillside.

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