Best Growing Conditions For Lavender

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Half-hardy and tender lavenders such as Lavandula stoechas are best grown in pots so that they can be moved to a light airy frost-free spot for winter. Grow in well-drained areas or raised beds.

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Try French lavender Lavandula stoechas instead.

Best growing conditions for lavender. However the best yields are often achieved in light and sandy soils with pH close to 7 and with very good drainage. Strong southern varieties will grow much taller than the northern varieties which remain short and dense due to the cold weather. Lavandula stoechas have silvery leaves and larger flowers with bigger pine-cone-shaped petals at the top.

If the soil does not drain well consider raised garden beds or pots. 12 rows Lavender plants will tolerate many growing conditions but they thrive in warm well-draining. Debbies Lavender Plant Growing Tips Give the plants 6 hours or more of full sun each day.

Before planting enrich soil with compost or manure. They cope well with drought conditions and may suffer in wet heavy soils particularly over winter. Save to My scrapbook.

Where soils are strongly acidic a dose of lime is beneficial. You could use some ideas. How to grow lavender Lavender is prized for its richly fragrant flowers and aromatic foliage.

If planting in the fall choose larger more established plants to ensure their survival through the winter. A good rule of thumb is to plant them as far apart as they will grow tall. One secret to growing lavender that many commercial growers use is.

Space lavender plants 12 to 18 inches apart in an area with plenty of sunlight and sandy well-drained soil with a pH of 67 to 73. When growing lavender give it enough elbow room to accommodate flowers. The first step towards effective soil preparation is the soil analysis and pH.

Apply very little water. They can withstand pH from 55 to 8. Spanish Lavender Zones 7 10.

Growing Conditions for Lavender Farming Lavender grows in Mediterranean climates where summers are warm and dry and winters are cool and mild. This beautiful fragrant herb is a great addition to raised beds in-ground gardens and growing in containers. Lavender needs good air circulation to grow at its best.

Plant lavender in spring once all chances of frost have passed. This easy-to-grow shrub thrives in a sunny spot in free-draining soil or a container. Although lavender can tolerate a variety of growing conditions this plant thrives best under warm sunny conditions in well-drained soil.

Dont be discouraged if your climate isnt ideal. Choosing and Preparing a Planting Site. Lavender is best planted as a young plant in the spring after the soil has warmed up to at least 60F 15C and the threat of frost has passed.

Here are the best Lavender companion plants to grow now. If you have heavy or clay soil grow lavender in pots. These plants work well in fast-draining containers and rock gardens and add a good dose of beauty when lining walkway and entry paths.

How to plant lavender. They prefer full sun and gritty soil. In addition an alkaline soil rich in organic matter can encourage higher plant oil production enhancing the fragrance in lavender plants.

Lavender needs space to grow allowing for maximum airflow especially in southern regions with humid climates. Ideally try to space plants as far apart as theyll grow tall. If your soil is sandy mix in.

Some of Americas loveliest lavender farms are. Lavender plants grow best in fertile well-drained soil. Lavender plants can grow in all well-drained soils.

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