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They fill in quickly and choke out weeds naturally. Corsican mint does well in full sun to partial shade but is not drought-tolerant and needs consistent watering.

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However keep in mind that dogs can choke on mulch and must still be supervised.

. After all grass keeps the ground cool and is also gentle on the paws. Chinese mahonia keeps its dense growth in shade but reaches 4 feet high. Grass Is King The best ground cover for dogs however is most likely plain old grass.

To be safe choose non-toxic plants for dogs if you plan to incorporate this type of plant into your landscape. This is especially true with pine needle mulch as the pine needles can actually puncture the stomach lining if ingested. Clover Trifolium repens is an herbaceous perennial that grows in US.

Dog urine has a high nitrogen content that can damage grass and ground cover. Watering the area heavily after the dog urinates reduces the damage. Of course its common knowledge that dog urine and feces are not exactly grass-friendly.

Types of Mulch Safe for Pets Pine cedar and hemlock mulches are good alternatives to cocoa bean mulch if you have pets. In addition to digging and frequent use a dogs urine can also damage your lawn. It is soft wont chip and is non-allergenic.

Several creeping plants which are often used as ground cover wont harm your pooch should he nibble on them. Ive found monkey grass to be the most traffic-tolerant groundcover. Lush ground covers make the ground softer so its better for your dog to nap on or for you to walk on in bare feet.

You may also be able to train your pet to favor one specific less visible area of the landscape. Sun-Loving Creeping Plants Creeping zinnia and star jasmine are two nontoxic creeping plants that thrive in full sun and dont pose a risk to your dog. Safe Herbs for Dogs Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis and creeping or.

Ground covers make great accents to flower beds and they look great between stepping stones or in rock gardens. Jack-in-the-pulpit Three-leaved indian turnip Devils dear Wake robin Starch wort Wild turnip Dragon root Bog onion Pepper turnip Brown dragon Memory root Scientific Names. In our opinion rubber mulch is the best there is making rubber mulch extremely safe for pets.

Its leaves are generally non-toxic but large quantities of mint leaves can be toxic. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 10. Rubber Mulch Pet Safe Mulch Ground Cover People always ask which is the best mulch for dogs cats and pets in general.